The Rise College cloud solution for education providers
A one-stop system for education institutions with reliable support
Increase fee collection with the Billing function on the app
A customizable solution built on the award-winning platform - the Gartner 2020 FrontRunner
No more duplication - accounting package linked with Learner Data, financial reports, app
Fee balances for each student in ONE place. Invoice all learners at once.
Enrollments, Absenteeism, Marks module. Email progress reports from the system.

Increase fee collection and reduce queries with Billing on the app.
Create News, Attendance and Incidents from the app.
Students see the Billing, Incidents, Detention directly on the Communicator.
Save min R15K on paper & R8K on the SMS-bundle. Post News, Incidents from the app.

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Tough challenges
Management teams and staff members face various challenges
Multiple duplication
Colleges and education providers would often need to duplicate the same data in several systems. This takes a lot of time and causes errors and mistakes.

The Rise college cloud solution solves this challenge by integrating Accounting with the Learner Data, Communicator and Admin module
Too many systems
With 3 and sometimes more systems in place for various purposes, duplication becomes a living nightmare, wasting a lot of time and causing errors and delays in reporting.

With Rise college solution, duplication stays in the past, as it empowers college staff to have all data and run all required processes on one system in a cloud.
High support cost
The Covid19 reality has shown why having a cloud system is a necessity, saving money, resources - ensuring that data is secure and easily accessible.

Desktop systems are notorious for a possibility of data corruption, should a computer they run on break down. This causes high expenses for support and can cause a loss of critical data for good.

Cloud systems solve the above-mentioned problems.

How the Rise College cloud
solution addresses the challenges:
Save at least 10 hours per term with one system
Having an integration between Accounting, Admin and Communication modules, enables colleges and education providers to save at least 10 hours of timer per term with one system.

No more long hours of capturing things manually in multiple systems.

It also enables colleges to access required data at a click empowering them to make better decisions in terms of fee collection, debt collection and ongoing income and expense managment.
3-point integration in
1 system
The Rise College cloud system has a 4 point integration which simplifies life for education providers in many ways. Accounting is linked with the Admin module and the app.

Access the full payment history in one place - and it will reflect for learners on the app in almost real time.

Access your financial and accounting reports at a click. Export reports at a click.
Increase fee collection with the Billing on the app and save R15K on paper, sms with the app.

Customizable to your specific needs
Being expert developers and innovators, the Rise SA Team is able to customize at least 2x faster than currently on the market.

We collaborate with you - starting from the requirement analysis, deployment, testing - so that you are happy with the development and can improve your daily operations with them.

Our solutions are highly flexible, agile and customizable on the user and development sides.
Education providers often ask:
If you have more questions, phone at 021 180 4787 or email
What if we already use a different accounting package?
Few of our customers have previously made use of other accounting packages, prior to using the Rise College cloud solution.

The reasons for switching would often be limited functionality that is specific for colleges, inadequate support and other reasons.

We provide assistance to education providers with moving historical data from your current accounting package and assisting with import, to ensure that the system is fully set up.
What modules does the Rise College cloud solution cover?
The Rise College cloud solution covers:

1. An accounting package for colleges

Live Bank Feed
A customizable Chart of Accounts
Integrated with learner data
Payment receipts
Petty cash
Journal Entries
Email or print cash receipts
Budget Plan vs Actual
Financial reports with a drill down function to each transaction
Trial balance
Balance sheet
Income statement cash
Income statement accrual
General Journal report

2. Batch invoicing
Invoice all learners or per Class or Grade
Monthly, termly or annually

3. Supplier management:
Capture supplier invoices
Invoice Payments
Supplier Returns & more
The RiseDoc app (iOS, Android) - a document recognition app for supplier invoices.

4. A Learner Data package with multiple filters,
reports, import & export functions

5. Rise Communicator (iOS, Android) - a communicator for parents and staff

Teachers' App:
Create News, Incidents
Input Marks from the app.

6. A Billing function on the Communicator - increase fees collection.
Save R10-R15K on paper and SMS.

7. A Behaviour module on desktop & mobile
with Incidents on desktop & mobile;
a Detention Letter on desktop & mobile;

8. Enrollment simplified:
Google forms integration
Google spreadsheet
Save time on manual import

How secure is your Bank Feed?
The Bank Feed (it is included in the Rise College at no extra charge) enables Schools to see all transactions in RSM system. Rise SA makes use of a secure, reliable and trustworthy bank aggregation service - Yodlee.

Over 1100 and 23 million user worldwide make use of this service. For more information please visit Wikipedia.

We request Schools to provide a view-only login details that your School can request at your bank. Your Bursar / Admin Clerk / Principal can also enter these details themselves in RSM. The information gets encrypted. Hence it is secure and protected.

There is a link with the four major banks of South Africa - FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank and ABSA.
I have no accounting background, can I still use the Rise College solution?
Being user-friendly & intuitive in terms of its layout & interface, Rise School Management will work for both non-accountants & accountants.

Upon switching to RSM, your School will also get training in person with our Team in our system as part of the RSM onboarding process.

Once you start using RSM regularly, it is a sign that you understand the system and how it works.

To illustrate it further, most Bursars & Admin Staff, who use RSM daily in their work, do not come from the bookkeeping or accounting background.

We also run a 3-day Accounting Training Course that trains Bursars & Admin staff on the accounting fundamentals.
How long does the onboarding process take?

Provided the Rise SA Team receives the required documents fairly quickly, the onboarding stage should not take longer than 3 weeks.
Why is the Rise College solution more affordable compared to other software solutions?
We are expert developers and innovators developing on the award-winning platform.

Having developed our solutions as a result of collaboration with education providers, the Rise Solutions address the education providers' needs directly and impactfully.

Rise SA tries to make the offered solutions accessible and affordable for education providers.

Having 1 system vs. 3 systems empowers colleges to make a big saving - timewise and financially. Moreover, the support cost goes down drastically and eliminates the need for manual system updates.
How often does the data get backed up? How do updates work?
The data gets backed up daily. We use a reliable hosting provider - Xneelo.

This ensures that your data is safe, secure and always accessible in a cloud from any time.

Updates happen in a cloud and the user is no longer expected to request a provider for updates and pay for that. The regular system updates are part of the Rise SA service.
Can the Rise College cloud solution be customized for our needs?
Yes, 100%, it is one of the main competitive advantages that Rise SA offers its customers.
The onboarding process
Once you choose the Rise College solution,
you will get assistance with onboarding.

Submit the required documents
Check your data in Rise College
Get trained by an Accountant
You are all set to use the Rise College

Packages for education providers

To see how your institution will benefit from the Rise College solution, email at or phone 082 711 8518.
Rise College Communicator
+ A learner-staff communication app
Save R10-R15K on paper
Unlimited News, Resources, Events
Unlimited Channels
A one-to-one Chat function

A training session
Support via phone, email

Benefits for institutions:
Save R10K-R15K on paper
Communicate with all learners at a click

Benefits for students:
Free for students
Light on data
Easy to download

Available for iOS, Android
Be informed of news
email to set up an app
Rise College Administration

+ Rise Communicator
+ Teachers' App
+ Student data module
+ Discipline module
+ Marks Module
+ Enrollment simplified

+Assistance with import
+Support via phone or email

Rise Communicator:
More details on the left.

Teachers' App:
Create News, Incidents
Input Marks from the app.

Learner Data module:
Import tool
Class lists, easy export/import
Filters, custom fields for extra info

Behaviour module:
Create Incidents from mobile and desktop
Parents get notified via a push notification
Demerit system / detention letter

Enrollment simplified:
Google forms integration
Save time on manual import

email to set up an app
College package
+ Accounting package
+ Batch invoicing
+Onboarding assistance from an Accountant
+8 hours of training
+Quality support via phone, email, meetings
+Ongoing accounting support
+Onsite support / training upon request

Live Bank Feed
Integrated with learner data
Exemptions, discounts, petty cash
The RiseDoc app for supplier invoices recognition
Email/print cash receipts
A customizable Chart of Accounts
Journal Entries
Budget Plan vs Actual
Financial reports:
Trial balance
Balance sheet
Income statement (accrual / cash)
General Journal report

Batch invoicing:
Invoice all learners or per Class or Grade
Monthly, termly or annually

Supplier management:
Capture supplier invoices
Invoice Payments
Supplier Returns & more
email to set up an app
Rise College cloud solution, all-in-one

+Accounting package
+Rise Communicator
+Rise Administration
For more details on the modules see sections on the left.

+Onboarding assistance from an Accountant
+8 hours of training
+Quality support via phone, email
+Accounting support
email to set up an app
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