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Interview with Mary Help of Christians | increase school fees, save time, report to principal.

Mary Help of Christians School started using the Rise school management system 8 months ago. Their school was able to increase their school fees income a lot for the year and drastically improved internal processes. Learn by how much and more exciting details.

Hear from Roxanne on her journey with Rise and what she has to say about th
e system. She also gives advice to the schools who are considering the Rise system but not completely sure.

Here is a small excerpt of the interview. 

“It helped us a lot to track our school fees. With getting Rise, we improved on our school fees a lot. We increased worth about 10%-15% of our school fees income for the year which is absolutely great. Rise helps us to be on top of things at all times. I would definitely recommend it to other schools. If you don’t have Rise, you are lost. If you don’t have the rise system at your school, you have not prospered. This is the best decision that the school has made in a long time to get this program. With the Rise, there is total transparency. Our parents can know what is happening. Principal, teachers can know what’s happening. That has made my work much easier. I like the reporting structure. I can take it to the principal and say we are 20% away from our goal. I can guarantee schools that do not have the Rise program yet, get the program. It is absolutely amazing, it does wonders, it will increase your school fees and you’ll be able to save a lot more time. With Rise you will have time to give attention to things that matter the most. If you want to make things easier, get the Rise, i absolutely love it.”

For a full interview, here is a link to watch it.
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