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A School Forum with the Star of the Sea Convent School on Aug 11

A School Forum on the Rise School Management system, whereby Principal, HOD, Bursar were invited to attend.

Ms Andrea Felton, the Secretary and Finance Officer at the Star of the
Sea Convent School, covered the points below:

1. How fee collection can be significantly increased with emailing statements and statements reflecting in real time on the Communicator.

2. How to do a batch invoice and email statements for the whole school.

3. How to view a current financial position of the school in real time.

4. How to drill down to every transaction with the Budget Plan vs Actual
and other reports.

5. How to save at least 10 hours per term with the automated 043-Form.

6. How parents can see Progress Reports on the Communicator.  
6.1 How teachers can create News, input marks from the Communicator.

In addition to the above, we've covered how Chart of Accounts can be changed towards the school's requirements.

0:00 - Introduction
00:35 - Bulk invoicing
03:55 - Emailing statements
07:15 - Real-time viewing of school current financial position
08:30 - Accounting ( Income statement, Chart of accounts, Budget and WCED 043-report)
12:35 - Question “Is Rise a full accounting system?”
12:48 - Answer “Yes it is…”
13:50 - Rise Communicator App [Marks sheet and progress reports]
16:30 - Question “How to obtain the Rise Communicator App?”
17:12 - Conclusion

Rise School Management is a one-stop cloud solution. Created together with local schools with their challenges in mind. 

Accounting for schools + Admin Block  + Communication + 043-Form in one system.

Schools reported a 5% increase in fee collection with the Rise system.

Save 15 hours a term with the automated 043-Form report.

To book a demo for your school to see RSM in action, visit riseschoolmanagement.co.za today.

A video recording of the School Forum can be viewed here. It is 17 min long.
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