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[Rise school]: Interview with a Debt Collector

Ms Clarisska Claassens, Debt Collector, finance department, has been using the Rise school management system since 2019. Below she shares her feedback on how Rise assists her daily with her daily tasks as Debt Collector.

Question 1: What aspects in Rise do you use daily?

Ms Claassens: I use Learners module, the WCED 043-Form, Bank Stream
Tax invoicing, Statements, Journal Entries, Budget Plan vs Actual,
Document Journal (a full financial history for each learner).

Question 2: How do you find the Rise system so far?

Ms Claassens: I really enjoy working in Rise. It's user-friendly. You don't need
to jump back and forth between tabs. When you need to get to a certain function on Rise -
because there are built-in links - once you double click on a Statement - you immediately
land on a payment receipt and a journal entry for further information.

Question 3: Would you recommend Rise to other schools?

Ms Claassens: I would certainly recommend Rise to other schools.

Thank you for sharing this feedback. It's great to know that the Rise system empowers schools in many ways.

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