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[Rise School Communicator]: A how-to guide for Schools

The Rise School Management Team is proud of its recent milestone. Rise School Communicator, a school-parent communication platform has been launched. Our latest School Forum went great with over 35 attendees from 20 schools. Many schools starting using it to communicate with parents promptly and efficiently. Below is a detailed How-To User Guide for Schools. This guide will inform your Admin Staff of all the steps you need to take to start using Rise School Communicator in your School.

Launch Rise School Management

Step 1. Go to Rise School Management via the unique link that was created for your School.
Please email us at info@riseaccounting.com, if you haven't received your a unique link for your School.

Step 2. Insert Admin into a user field and your unique password into the password field, as shown below.

Getting started

On the first launch you will see Getting started window.

Buttons with blue arrows will navigate you to the Settings form.
In the Settings form you will be able to specify your School name and upload School logo.

On the 
Company info tab specify Company Name

On the School tab click Upload button to upload School logo

You can change School name and School logo at any time in Settings form. To open Setting form open Quick menu panel and click Settings.

Settings in Rise School Management

Content for Rise School Communicator

Open School section on the left, as shown below.


Select News on the School tab.
Click Create button to add news.
Type in a Title and the text for your news. Click on save and publish, once you are done.

News on the Rise Communicator mobile app


Select Events on the School tab.
Select period in the planner or click Create button on List tab to add new event.
Fill in Events at a click in Rise School Management
Choose a start and end date for the event. Make a description of it. Click on Save & Close.


Select Resources on the School tab.
Click Create button to add new resource.
Choose a date, a link to the external resource and a description for Parents.

Resources on riseschoolmanagement.co.za


Select Contacts on the School tab.
Click Create button to add new contact.
Fill in Name, Position, Phone and Email.
Contacts on Rise Communicator


Choose Print Handout for Parents.

  If you have any other questions on how to use Rise School Communicator, please email us at 
 or phone us at +27 (0) 21 180 4787
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