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Interview with Immaculata High School

Immaculata High School started using the Rise system earlier this year. Below is the interview with the Bursar, Ms Shannon Maus, on her experience of using a one stop system for schools. 

Rise: How do you find the Rise system?
Shannon: I found the system user friendly and efficient.

Rise: What were the reasons for the School to switch to the RSM?
Shannon: We needed a platform communicate to our parents other than just sending an sms and something which is more cost effective. 

Rise: How did you find assistance with onboarding?
Shannon: Quick and easy. 

Rise: How did you find the ongoing training with the Accountant?
Shannon: Very helpful, I am currently new in the post and have a lot to learn , Natassja has made it easier. 

Rise: Is it easy to follow and understand?
 Shannon: Indeed it is. 

Rise: Did everything make sense to you?
Shannon: Yes, some aspects it did.  

Rise: In terms of RSM school functionality, how did you find it? 
Shannon: It is very useful.  

Rise: Is it useful for schools?
Shannon: Yes, it is 

Rise: What did you like the most? 
Shannon: The Bank Stream 

Rise: What did you find useful in RSM for the day-to-day running of your School?
Shannon: In my role it would firstly be the Finance aspect.  

Rise: Do you maybe have any suggestions for improvements?
Shannon: Have more YouTube videos made available on the various fields on RISE and how it works . I also saw the "Marksheet" tab that you physically have to go to each learner to capture a mark. Can the page not allow you to capture marks for multiple learners on one page. 

Rise: Does the School use Communicator?  
Shannon: Yes, we do. 

Rise: Has the Rise Communicator improved your School's communication with parents? 
Shannon: There has been a significant difference.

Rise: How has your overall experience been with support, training & Rise SA Team?
Shannon: The team is awesome, very helpful and friendly. 

Rise: Would you recommend RSM to other government and independent schools?
Shannon: Yes, definitely.

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