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Educators' and Admin Staff training at Simon's Town's school

Last week the Rise SA team held training for the Educators and Admin Staff
of Simon's town's school located in the picturesque coastal town of Simon's Town. Founded in 1815, the school has been at the forefront of serving a diverse community of parents and learners from various areas of Cape Town and nearby towns.

The school has been using the Rise system for over 3 years and been empowered and equipped in terms of:

Efficient collection of school fees
Emailing and printing of statements
Batch invoicing of learners annually, monthly or termly
Capturing of inbound and outbound transactions in one easy-to-follow interface
Saving at least 3 weeks with the automated 043-Form report
In-depth reporting on a current financial position and much more.
The above saves the school on paper and time
The school is using the Rise Communicator to communicate with parents.

The Rise system also has the School Staff app that empowers Educators and Admin Staff to:
1) Easily post any notices, resources for learners

2) Keep track of attendance

3) Keep track of incidents

4) Creat Marks from the mobile phone.

Rise School Management is a one stop system for schools that is fully cloud (web-based) based and empowers schools in terms of:

  • Financial module

  • Administration management module (integrated with the financial module)

  • Financial reporting

  • Admin reporting

  • 043-Form report;

  • Communicator

  • School Staff

  • Marks module

  • Textbooks subsystem and more.

If you would like to learn more about the Rise system, feel free to check out what

schools say that use the system and watch the recent School Forum recordings

whereby Bursars and Principals show how the Rise system assists them daily in real time.
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