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[Star of the Sea Convent School]: Comparison of Pastel with Rise School Management

The Star of the Sea Convent School based in St James made an informed decision to switch over to the Rise School Management system at the end of last year. Seeing that the system has accounting for schools, admin, communication, reporting and more in one system, the school management could see a great value in terms of reducing duplication, saving on not having to have 3 systems and the ease-of-use that the Rise School Management has in terms of its functionality and the way it works. 

Below is feedback on the Rise system from Andrea Felton, the Secretary and the Finance officer at the school: 
"Hi there,
So for Rise. We used to be on Pastel. Since last year, we went on over to Rise because we wanted something that was more convenient to use. Something that was a lot more accurate. More systems orientated rather than paperwork. 

I mean, the top three things that would benefit, especially with Rise, are the bank system -  the bank stream - which is more accurate, your figures are more accurate because it comes straight from the bank. 

It is easy to reconcile straight into accounts and approve transactions. Reconciling at the end of month is also very easy in comparison to Pastel, and having to check your bank, cash books and your receipt books. 

The school option is also great because of admin, you filter through all of your students, you can search by surname and account number that you can use directly from Pastel 

So we also imported all of our accounts from Pastel, so that doesn't need to change. 

Also, putting through receipts if there's any cash payments for fees, that's also awesome, very easy to do. Literally takes seconds. 

From an accounting point of view, your chart of accounts, you can literally personalise your chart of accounts so easily and even put it through onto your 043 which is also listed on Rise which is awesome. 

It takes so much work out of it. When it comes to reporting, it's almost immediate, everything is easy to use. It's really great."

Feel free to listen to the above feedback in an audio format by clicking on this link.
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