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Feedback from Gaia Waldorf School

Gaia Waldorf switched to the Rise School Management system at the end of last year. 
Here is first hand feedback from Alexia Le Fevre, a Chairman of the Board of Trustees. She was directly involved in the onboarding and training process. 

Rise: From the BOT chairman's perspective, how do you find the Rise system?
What were the reasons for the School to switch to the RSM?
Alexia: We are excited to move over to a fully integrated management system that could support all our communication, learner data and accounting needs. The system also allows the staff to have a better understanding of the finances of the school, which is very empowering.

Rise: How did you find the assistance with the onboarding?
Alexia: Excellent, Friendly and efficient with a lot of support. The videos on the youtube channel are also very useful

Rise: How did you find the ongoing training with the Accountant?
Alexia: Natassja (*an accountant who assists schools on a regular basis*) is wonderful. Extremely patient and capable and helps us with all our queries and problems 

Rise: Was training easy to follow and understand?
Alexia: Yes 

Rise: Did everything make sense to you?
Alexia: Yes 

Rise: In terms of RSM school functionality, how did you find it? 
Alexia: This is a great system for schools and could potentially allow one person to manage all the systems efficiently and effectively 

Rise: Is it useful for schools?
Alexia: Yes, i'ts great for schools 

Rise: What did you like the most? 
Alexia: The Bank Stream and allocating payments and expenses is very user friendly. It is also useful to be able to run reports and have up to date accounting info available at all times

Rise: What did you find useful in RSM for the day-to-day running of your School?
Alexia: RSM accounting is very user friendly, as is the learner database. It is so important to have up to date student records all in one system. 

Rise: What do you think of the Rise Communicator? 
Alexia: I really like the communicator with the events reminders and news. I am looking forward to using the billing function as well .  

Rise: Has it improved your School's communication with parents?
Alexia: Once all our parents have signed up for the app, it will definitely make communications easier 

Rise: How has your overall experience been with support, training & Rise SA Team?
Alexia: Excellent. The team is friendly, warm and very accommodating. The training is very comprehensive.

Rise: Would you recommend RSM to other Waldorf Schools and other independent / 
government schools?
Alexia: Definitely.

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