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[A new development]: Family codes can be added to statements

The Rise SA Team empowers schools with eliminating duplication, improving workflow and reducing precious hours that take to get everything done that schools require. Our team tries to improve the system based on the direct feedback we receive from schools. We are excited to share that bursars can now add family codes to learners' statements. 

This is exciting for Bursars as it makes it easier for parents and them to track payments with this improved function. If you use a family code in the system (also used for the student's account number), you can now show it in the statement.

To add family codes to Statements:
  1. Please go to the Quick Menu and select Settings.
  2. Go to the Print form set up and select Statement.
  3. Tick on the box that says show family code.
  4. Click save and close to complete.

One can then open a statement to see how it looks.
New features in Rise School Management Accounting for schools
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