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Financial Upskillment Training in person on 22 Sep or via Zoom on 27 Sep

Most of the Bursars had Certification meetings on their knowledge of the Rise Financial module with the Rise team. As a result of this, the gaps in the knowledge of Finance Officers of the Rise system were identified and inform an upcoming Financial Upskillment training.

We would like to invite school staff – Bursars, Admin Staff, Principal, SGB members – to an upcoming Rise Financial Upskillment workshop that will be held in person at Maitland High School (first come first serve, space is limited)
at 11h30-14h30 Thur, 22 Sep OR via Zoom at 11h30-14h30 on Tue, 27 Sep 2022.

This workshop suits both new Bursars who have recently joined the Rise program and the ones who have been using the Rise system for a while.

As a result of this workshop:
1.     School Staff will be empowered and walk away with hands-on knowledge and get upskilled on crucial financial aspects of the Rise system.
2.     School staff will gain useful tips and tricks from other Finance Officers and school staff.
3.     School Staff will have an opportunity to network with school staff from other schools.
4.     School staff will get certified in the Rise system.

The training agenda is as follows:
  1. (School fees/payments) Bank stream
a.     Overview of all functions
b.     How to correctly match and split a transaction to an invoice and account
c.     How to create and upload a correct CSV statement file
d.     Ledger balance on the Bank Stream: how to read it
e.     How to capture correctly for various payment methods for Income Statement Cash
  1. (Reporting) Income Statement report: payment methods (a new feature).
  2. (Admin) How to bulk import learners into Rise or additional info (email, guardians’ details or others)
  3. (Reporting) Cash vs accrual basis reports: differences, examples, application
  4. (Accounting) Allocation of refunds
  5. (Accounting) Allocation of discounts and exemptions
  6. (Accounting) Credit allocation on payment receipts.
  7. (School fees) Customizing statements, invoices and other docs.

What: Financial Upskillment 
Who:    Finance Officers, Principals, HOD, SGB members, Deputy Principals, Admin Staff – any School Staff -  who would like to get upskilled in the financial knowledge of the Rise system
Where:  Attend in person at at 11h30-14h30 on Thur, 22 Sep, at Maitland High School
at 29 Station Road, Maitland OR via Zoom at 11h30-14h30 on Tue, 27 Sep 2022
The address of Maitland HS is 29 Station Road, Maitland.
Google Maps directions to Maitland HS.
How:  Sign up via a Google Form by clicking on this link. A quote will be emailed to be settled before 21 Sep 2022 for in-person option (Maitland HS) / before 26 Sep 2022 for a Zoom option.

The cost is R440 per person inclusive of training, certificate and a checklist that will be emailed after the training.
A 15% discount applies for 2 attendees from the same school.
A 20% discount applies for 3 and more attendees from the same school.

Upon receipt of your registration, I will email you a quote. Your slot will be booked upon receipt of proof of payment via email to info@risebiz.co.za.

Let us know if you have questions or queries.

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