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School Forum via Zoom with South Peninsula HS

We would like to extend an invitation to Principal, Bursar, Deputy Principal, HOD
to the upcoming School Forum.

Rise school management is a one stop cloud system that empowers schools in many ways.
Would you like to learn how?

Debbie Timm, Finance Officer, and Nabeweya English,
a recently appointed Debtors' Bursar at South Peninsula HS,
will cover these in the Rise system.

What: School Forum via Zoom for Principal, Deputy Principal, HOD, Bursar
When: 10h00-10h45 on Thursday, 01 Sep
Who: Principal, Deputy Principal, HOD and Bursar
Where: Zoom

Above is a link to the recording of a School Forum with South Peninsula HS
that was held last Thur, 01 Sep.

To view a specific part of the recording, one can click on any time slot below:

00:00 - Intro
00:44 - Journey with Rise
04:45 - WCED requested to submit the 043-Form report.
05:44 - WCED requested a drill down of specific accounts in the 043-Form report.
08:50 - A debt collector urgently requested a full payment history of some learners.
10:05 - FinCom requested A/R aging report for the school and per Grade.
15:07 - Principal requested an update on specific Budget items.
23:10 - A teacher requested a class list with specific information.
27:25 - Conclusion

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