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[Rise School Management] Rise SA Team launches School Forums

The Rise SA Team launches School Forums for Principals & admin staff at TSIBA Education, Pinelands, Cape Town. They are proving to be a valuable learning platform for Schools and for sharing their challenges in invoicing, accounting, learner management system and other operational areas of the local schools. Read on to find out more details.

One of the key offerings that Rise SA Business Solutions is proud of is Rise School Management. Developed in a close collaboration & in a fully-fledged partnership with a primary school in the Western Cape, the software solution is proving to significantly improve School's day-to-day running & various processes. They include learner data management system, student billing, school specific general ledger account, learner/parent communication & more. Currently with two schools actively using the software, Rise School Management is getting constantly improved on & enhanced.

School Forum held at TSIBA Education, Pinelands, Cape Town

School Forums have thus been introduced & launched as a collaborative feedback driven platform for Principals & admin staff from the Western Cape Schools. The purpose of such a forum is to get first-hand feedback & input from schools with regards to their challenges & pains when it comes to accounting, invoicing, billing & other essential tasks all local Schools are faced with.

The two School Forums on Rise School Management system went great with a good engagement from participants.

The next School Forum is on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at TSIBA Education, Pinelands, Cape Town. Watch this space for more exciting news.
School Forum on RSM Rise School Management system
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