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Filia School joins Rise School Management

Filia School made a decision to join the Rise School Management system in the middle of August.  Having various requirements from the Department, SGB, they saw 
a clear need for moving to a school specific financial package with other additional modules that will empower them to collect school fees from parents,  have critical admin and financial information in one place.

Filia School joins Rise School Management. Credit to Filia's website.

Filia School is a school for learners with Intellectual
and physical challenges for learners are aged 6 - 18 years.

Being a customizable system, Rise School Management accommodates various types of schools
incl. but not limited to: 
Special needs
Government schools
Independent schools
Primary schools 
High Schools and more.

Rise School Management is a one stop school management system that saves schools time
and resources by enabling schools to have all critical data in one place. 

No more duplication, long hours of wasted time, errors, inefficiency. 

Rise School Management - being a fully cloud enabled system - 
schools takes schools to a whole new level of functioning. 

Less or no paper
Work from anywhere, 
Invoice over 1000 students at a click,
Email statements at a click
Save thousands of rand on 
having one system instead of 3 or 4
Increase school feel collection by emailing statements and 
live billing
View a current financial position of the school in real time

See how other schools use Rise School Management in their daily
operations by clicking on the live recordings of the School Forum. 

Visit riseschoolmanagement.co.za to hear what other schools say about RSM.

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