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[RSM update for May-June 2023]: empowering schools on the system and security fronts

We are excited to share with you a RSM update for May-June, as the second term is coming to an end
and the school holiday is around the corner.

As the Rise SA team is welcoming new schools, some of them have shared their current challenges
of having multiple duplication and errors, not being able to access updated class lists,
not knowing what parents own to the school, not being able to access critical info for learners and parents, to name a few.

As they get onboarded and trained up, we wish them a great success of empowering themselves
and addressing all of the above challenges and more.

Onsite training on Rise school management, one-stop for schools

It enables Bursars and school staff to achieve training objectives faster
and get up to speed in the system as soon as possible.

Schools get empowered on the security front
The Winter Warmer special is making positive waves. Schools can choose if they would like to back up their Wi-Fi router or a security alarm system. A security alarm? Yes, you've heard it right.

Schools were super excited as from now on thanks to the gift as part of the Rise Winter Warmer special,
their security alarm stays on even during load shedding and power outages.

Become a co-creator - share your feedback
The Rise SA team is in a process of putting together an Accounting Crash course
for Bursars on frequently made mistakes on the accounting/finances side.

@ Finance Officers / Bursars, feel free to email your question or an aspect in Rise
that you would like us to cover in the course.

The Rise SA team wishes all school staff a great relaxing holiday.
Stay warm and safe.

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