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Schools report a 5% annual increase in school fees collection with the RSM system

Schools that use the Rise School Management system have reported a 5% increase in their school fee collection. This is quite an achievement, as school fees collection is usually fraught with many challenges in most of the schools. What sets apart the schools that use the Rise School Management in their daily activities? How have they achieved this? Let's look.

The Rise School Management system for schools in a cloud is comprised of the following blocks:
Accounting for Schools
Financial reporting
A communication platform
A budget
A budget plan vs Actual
Marks and more.

More details on all the RSM modules can be viewed here.

In addition to the above, schools can link parents to their financial info or parents can do so themselves (very quick, takes seconds), so that current statements can be viewed on the Rise Communicator. How does this work?

When a parent makes a payment, usually there is a delay and a parent needs to query with the Bursar whether his payment went through. With the Rise system, Bursar can see a transaction in the Bank Stream and assign it immediately to a specific student's account. Thereafter parents can immediately view their statement with a payment history breakdown on the Rise Communicator,as shown on the screen on the right hand side:
Parents can see statements on the Rise Communicator in almost real time.
Parents can see statements on the Rise Communicator app almost instantly.

The above functionality frees up hours of time for Bursars and Finance Officers, as this reduces a number of queries from parents. Parents do not need to phone the school any longer, they can just view it under Billing on the Rise Communicator app.

The above and the ability to email statements directly from the Rise School Management system has empowered schools to increase their feel collection by at least 5% per annum compared to a previous year.

So how much does a 5% increase in school fees translate to? Depending on the school and the fees they charge, however, the amount in this case will be R250K. This is a great boost to the school's financial position that will empower schools to provide even higher quality education to more pupils.

Would you like to view how other Schools use the Rise School Management system? Here are the School Forums that can be viewed at any time, whereby Bursars and Principals do a live presentation of how the Rise School Management assists them in their day-to-day processes.

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