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The Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre comes aboard onto the full package, Rise School Management

Having attended a few of the School Forums where currentl Schools do a live demo
of how they use RSM daily in all their financial, admin and reporting processes,
the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre made an informed decision to come aboard the full package, RSM, an all-in-one for schools.

Onboarding is in full swing. Currently our Team is importing their learner data towards their specific
requirements with an addition of extra columns to accommodate their school's unique needs.

The Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre is one of the most prominent music centers in South Africa
that enables local youth to receive a full music tuition not just in a specific instrument playing, but also music theory and partaking in the orchestra playing.

The Centre aims to nurture South Africa’s musicians of tomorrow through specialized instrumental,
vocal and theoretical tuition for school-going learners and adult students from our diverse community. 

The world known auditorium of the Hugo Lambrechts Musical Centre is in Parow.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of the mayor, Mr Attie Adriaanse, an ultra-modern auditorium was finally built and inaugurated in 2002. He commented in the Tygertalk Newspaper of 2003: “One of Parow’s greatest achievements in 100 years was the ultra-modern
auditorium built at the Hugo Lambrecht School”.

Today Parow boasts one of the three major Music Centres in the Western Cape with virtually none in the rest of the country. The highly acclaimed auditorium is used for student exposure to public performance as well as a venue for visiting national and international artists. It seats 450 people and has a stage for 70 orchestra members as well a choir gallery for 140 members.
(source http://www.hugolambrechts.co.za)

Rise School Management, an all-in-one package for schools currently includes:

1. Accounting package for schools
2. Automated 043-Form report
3. Rise Communicator
4. Live Billing on the Communicator
5. Batch invoicing
6. Learner Data module
7. Discipline Module
8. Enrollment simplified
9. Absenteeism

The marks module is currently in progress. We are testing mark calculations and liaising with schools  as to their requirements for the report cards and term reports.

Check out riseschoolmanagement.co.za for more details on what Schools say.
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