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St. Augustine's Primary comes onboard onto Rise School Management

After a careful consideration, St. Augustine's Primary School went for the Rise Administration package. Read on to find out more details.

Rise School Management is an all-in-one school management system that assists schools with their daily operations be it on the financial or communication side.

Currently Schools can choose from the three available options:

Rise School Administration package with the following modules:

1. Rise School Communicator
Communicate to all parents at once

2. Learner Data module
Access all learner data quickly at a click

3. Enrollment simplified
Get info from parents via Google Forms
and import it into Rise School Management

4. Bulk mailing
Email all parents at a click and see who has read your email

5. Discipline module
Keep track of discipline for all your learners

6. Absenteeism
Keep track of absenteeism either from the app or from the desktop.

If you would like to see Rise School Management in action, you can attend one of the School Forums and see how the system assists Schools and what Schools say about it.

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