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An update on the Rise school management system

As school holiday is coming closer, many of you have a lot to do to finish up the required tasks for this year. The 2021 year has not been easy for most of us, and a well deserved break is eagerly anticipated.
From the Rise SA side, we remain committed and dedicated 
to providing a one stop cloud solution to schools - Bursars, Admin Staff, Principals - 
that empowers you to access critical financial and admin info in one system at a click. 

Commitment is something that defines most outcomes in life. 

We strive to deliver high quality system that is specific to schools and addresses
their challenges, in order to empower them in a short- and long term.

We are grateful to all of you who are committed and dedicated 
to improving your day-to-day processes, keeping an 
open mind and positive attitude. 
Asking questions when help is needed is a great approach
that ensures long-term improvement and learning. 

New schools - onboarding - commitment 

When new schools come onboard, their commitment in putting together the required documents 
for onboarding determines whether they will be able to use the system. 

The sooner you start, the easier it is to be on track. Ideally one should start using the system
from Jan of a new year. This ensures that you can capture transactions as they come in.

During the onboarding stage, we make a lot of effort on our side to make sure 
that the system is fully and properly prepared for your school to start using it. 

Our onboarding process includes an import of a school's historical info, 
learner data, approved budget, 043-entries and more. 

Thank you to all of you who have worked hard to put together the required documents
to finish the onboarding process before the start of a new year
This is great, and we are positive that it will empower you in a short- and long terms, 
once you start using the system which many of you are looking forward to. 

To those of you who are still busy with getting onboarding documents together, 
we wish you the best of success to complete it as soon as possible, 
as our team also needs some time to input the information into the system correctly 
and with a full attention to detail. 

We would like to encourage you to prepare the documents that you can 
now before the school holiday starts, if it is possible. 
As they say, small steps every day. 
Small steps lead to big changes. The power is in the now.

We would like to welcome schools who have joined the RSM program recently
and earlier this year. A warm welcome to you.

Filia School 

Hermanus High School 

Muizenberg Junior School 

Silversands High School

Dr GJ Joubert Primary School

JG Meiring High School

St John's RC Primary

Mary Help of Christians School

This year we've received some encouraging and inspirational feedback.. 
Here are some excerpts: 

"RSM is a one stop shop for us where we can do everything within a push of a button.
With our school fees, being able to email a thousand statements
within a space of half a day. Proof of payments start coming on the same day.
With the app, when we create a receipt in Rise, parents get notified immediately.
It definitely had a positive effect on our school fees collection rate."
Leslie Isaacs, South Peninsula High School

'Month-end, balancing of books, it's just a button that you press. All done. 
No more manual calculating. Easy to trace your differences if there're any, 
which I haven't had so far. It also gives me more time to do other things, so I can assist in the Admin block." 
Shannon Manus, Immaculata High School

'We are excited to move over to a fully integrated management system
that could support all our communication, learner data and accounting needs.
The system also allows the staff to have a better understanding of the finances of the school,
which is very empowering. Your team is Excellent, Friendly and efficient with a lot of support.
The team is friendly, warm and very accommodating. The training is very comprehensive."
Alexia Le Fevre, Gaia Waldorf School, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

"The top three things that would benefit, especially with Rise, are
the bank system - the bank stream - which is more accurate, 
your figures are more accurate because it comes straight from the bank.
It is easy to reconcile straight into accounts and approve transactions. 
Reconciling at the end of month is also very easy and having to check your bank, cash books and your receipt books."
Andrea Felton, Secretary and Finance Officer, Star of the Sea Convent School

Here is the link to the live recordings of the School Forums whereby schools show
in real time how they use the Rise School Management system.

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