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Feedback from the Bursar on RSM

Ms Mndende, Bursar of Malibu High School, has shared her first hand feedback on the Rise School Management system. The school has started using the system from March this year. 

Here is her feedback in the text format that can be listened to by clicking on the video below: 

"My experience with the Rise system, because we came on board late, after April. The time I started using it, it was April or March, no I think it was March, late March. And then April, May, June, July, August. It’s almost five months since I've been using the program. It's quite fruitful, it's convenient for me and it is time-saving.

I like the part where I have to record the payments captured from the bank stream and link it to a learner.  From the bank stream to capture the school fees income from bank stream to the learners’ names. Also, capture my requisitions payment from the bank stream and add it to the 043 accounts. and also to capture my requisitions payment from the bank stream straight to the 043 accounts. The other part of, because we’re still on the path of printing the statements for the learners for outstanding school fees and also to let the parents see their statements, how far they've paid so far.

It's also easy when it comes to printing statements and even emailing. If the parent wants an email statement, it's only a matter of a click, so I like it very much. It's time saving, and it's user-friendly, very convenient and it's user friendly.

The first time I attended the training at Parow High School, it looked so different and difficult but I was more convinced with the proposed testimony from other schools and other Bursars. Actually, I was actually inspired by them to give it a try. So, after I went to the training, I was on board.

Natasha has been very helpful. She is only an email away and then she responds quickly. So she was a very helpful person, she is more like a human panic button who can help me. It has been a wonderful journey because when you first do something for the first time, you panic because you don't know how you are going to know it and so forth, but I was very inspired by the Bursars’ opinions, experiences and testimonies.

I use the actual budget plan because our template for the requisition has three spaces whereby I have to write a budgeted amount, balance before budget and the balance after I've deducted the specific amount that we purchase something for. So, I do use that tool the Budget Plan vs. Actual because it displays three items which are the budgeted amounts, and in those amounts in that is recorded into the chart of accounts if I can put it like that and then there's a balance after which is showing whether we still have credit or we’ve run out of budget that much 

So, I use that on my requisition form because every time after capturing the payment from the bank stream, chart of account, I have to now run a report then I can see, for instance, let's say for insurance how much was it budgeted? Say, for example, R8,000, then I would write that R8 000 generated a thousand down on my requisition form and then after refreshing after approving, the payment of the insurance from the bank stream, then I would refresh the actual budget plan. And then I would write the available amount after, for instance, in July, we have paid for that insurance. So I use that tool for the actual budget plan actual.

I also found another tool as well to to deactivate or inactivate a learner that has transferred other school. Sometimes I just roam around the system to see other options which is how I found that tool."

If you would like to learn more how the system can assist your School, feel free to book a demo for your Principal and Finance team.

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