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School Forum on May 12

Our next School Forum will take place at 10h00 on May 12, 2021.

We would like to extend an invitation to your Principal, HOD, Bursar 
& Admin Staff to the upcoming School Forum. 

Mr Warren Louw, the IT Manager at the York Road Primary,
will do a live demo of the items below in Rise School Management, 
a one-stop system for schools.

The agenda is as follows: 

The Admin Block:
1. A Teacher needs to track attendance of their class.
2. An Incident needs to be created.
3. An additional guardian needs to be added for a learner.

The Financial module:
1. Statements need to be generated and emailed.
2. A payment needs to be assigned in the Bank Stream and checked how it reflects in the 043-Form.
3. Budget Planned vs. Actual needs to be pulled in real time.
4. A/R Aging report with total fee balances needs to be pulled.

The Marks module:
1. Progress reports need to be generated and emailed.
2. A Merit List and a Promotion Schedule need to be pulled.

The Communicator:
1. A parent is phoning to query an outstanding balance (live billing).
2. An alert needs (a push notification) to be created to remind parents about the fees. 
3. A quick overview of how York Road PS managed to 
get 95% of parents/guardians from a previously disadvantaged 
community onboard onto the Rise Communicator.

What:     School Forum via Zoom for Principals, HOD Bursars & Admin Staff
When:    10h00-11h00 on Wednesday, May 12
Who:      Principals, Bursars & Admin Staff      
Where:   Zoom (we will email you the link upon your confirmation)      

Kindly email info@risebiz.co.za  if you would like to attend. 

Rise School Management is a one-stop system that saves schools money and resources,
integrating Accounting with Learner Data and other crucial modules for schools.                 
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