Rise School Management, all-in-one for schools, created for & with Schools
ONE system for ALL school's needs
Learner Data integrated with Accounting, 043-Form & the Budget report
Fee balances for each student in ONE place. Invoice all learners at once.

A big plus of RSM is the Communicator with LIVE Billing & Incidents.
Parents see what they've paid & still owe to School in the Communicator.
Save min R12K on paper & R8K on the SMS-bundle.
Save time & resources - parents see paid & due fee balances in real time on the app.

See what schools say below about Rise School Management
Some tough challenges that Schools face
Admin & Finance Staff face serious challenges daily in their jobs:
Not having enough time in the day
Some schools do not have a dedicated finance officer (Bursar) in place.
Admin staff are faced daily with both admission, administrative and finance tasks.

The 043-Form report is automated, simplifying all the finance related tasks.

Easy access to fees' balances, accounts & reporting in ONE PLACE.
Too many complicated systems
Upon completing her training in RSM, a Bursar Assistant from Groote Schuur High School stated:

"I really love this package and hope that we will be using it soon. It will really make things easier in the workplace.

If I had this system to work on, it would be so easy to check on everything".
Not having correct info for parents & SGB
"The facility you have in Rise School
Management for checking school fee
balances would be great for me as well,

as it is always a challenge, to check on fees,
when parents request balances",

Administrator, Highlands Primary.

How Rise School Management addresses schools' challenges:
Save min 15 hours each quarter with the automated 043-Form
Bursar & Admin Staff will save min 15 hours on not having to do WCED 043-FORM (Cashbook) in Excel or manually each term.

With RSM, your Finance or Admin staff will be able to map from the start all your Income & Expense Accounts to the 043-Form, as they work in RSM.

Print your up-to-date 043-Form directly from RSM & submit to the Education Department.
Accounting is integrated with your School's 043-Form

043-Form is integrated with Accounting. Income & Expense Accounts get automatically adjusted in 043-Form in RSM .

Bank Feed is live. Match your transactions to the correct account in real time.
View Chart of Accounts, Budget Planned vs. Actuals, Journal entries, General Journal.

Batch Invoice a Class or a Grade, Statements per Class or Grade.

Create a Cash Receipt or a Purchase Order.

Create a Supplier Invoice, an Invoice Payment, a Supplier Return & more.
Reporting for your Principal, SGB & parents

A lot of Schools have a big challenge with reporting & knowing where they stand financially at this moment of time.

With RSM, your Bursar can run the following reports at any given time:

Fee balances per grade / per class / per student
a Balance Sheet report,
Budget Plan Vs. Actual - see your School's expenditure at a glance.
General Ledger,
Income Statement.
Schools often ask.
If you have more questions, phone at 021 180 4787 or email info@risebiz.co.za.
What if our School already has a different accounting package?
Few of our customers have previously made use of other accounting packages, prior to switching to RSM. In most cases, it is either Sage (Pastel) or Quickbooks accounting solutions.

Often Bursars & Admin Staff are not satisfied with the limited functionality & the lack of support with their existing accounting packages. They are not school-specific and do not cater to the unique challenges of Schools. Price-value ratio is another important factor for Schools when they decide to switch to RSM, the all-in-one solution.

We assist Schools with moving your historical data from your current accounting package, be it Pastel or Excel or QuickBooks.

In order to onboard your School onto RSM, we will need your recent 043-Form template, Learner Data, Opening Balances for your learners.

Once you submit these documents, we will upload all of these onto RSM. Your School will then check in RSM that all the data is correct & accurate.

The onboarding process is easy & simple-to-follow. Your School can easily move from your current software package & start using Rise School Management. It will save your School at least R10K per annum based on our current customers' feedback. Your School will also save thousands on the paper & min 15 hours per term on the 043-Form automation.
What systems does Rise School Management cover?
Rise School Management covers:

1. A full-on accounting package:

Your school also gets a live Bank Feed;
Supplier Management
Financial reports (see more details in the pricing modules)

2. A Learner Data package with various filters / reports / import & export functions

3. An Invoicing package - you can invoice the whole school in minutes.

4. A Parent-School Communicator

5. A LIVE billing on the Communicator - less paper, less statements.

6. A Discipline Module on desktop & mobile
with Incidents on desktop & mobile;
a Detention Letter on desktop & mobile;
Attendance record keeping;
News creation function from mobile.

We provide ongoing support & work with Schools together in a team.

If you would like to see how the system works, please email anna.toma@risebiz.co.za

What if our School has an existing school-parent communicator?
Few of our customers have previously made use of other school-parent communicators. This will not be a problem. Rise School Management has a School-Parent Communicator with the automated Billing for your parents.

Once your School switches to RSM, your Bursar or Admin Staff will be able to make use of the Billing function in the Rise School Communicator.

Your School will save thousands of rand on paper.

Rise School Communicator is not just an amazing tool for your School to communicate with parents. Parents will be informed of all the paid & due fee balances on one-on-one basis.

Once you assign a transaction to the learner in the Bank Feed in RSM, it will instantly reflect on the Communicator for the parents to see.

Will RSM, all-in-1 school package, work for our School?
Our customers range from Art Centres to previous Model-C schools to other schools of various types in various parts of Cape Town & Western Cape.

Based on our experience & interactions with schools, a lot of schools have some unique aspects in terms of their admin, financial & other day-to-day processes.

One big advantage of Rise School Management is that we can implement custom changes to our system based on your School's unique requirements & needs, should your School require it.
Which Schools use RSM?
Over 80 Schools from Gauteng & Western Cape have signed up for Rise School Communicator.
Some of them are listed below and can be viewed when you download the app.

In July 2020, Sweet Pea Independent Primary School based in the North West Province decided to purchase Rise School Management, an all-in-one for schools. The school needed a school specific package. The price ratio for the available functionality and onboarding / support were also on the table. RSM ticked all the boxes plus exdedeed Principal's expectations in terms of the ease, user-friendly interface and the level of detail of the available functionality.

In June 2020, Simonstown Schoo made an informed decision to switch to a full package, Rise School Management. The decision was made so that School can have all info and data in one place and access the system even if there is a lockdown or other unforseen circumstances that prevent School's staff from accessing the school building.

In May 2020, Parow High School chose Rise School Communicator to communicate
to all the parents at once. They were previously on the sms bundle, but it was too pricey and
had a limit on characters. They are excited as now they are not limited by characters
and can create engaging & targeted communication with parents at all times.
They have emailed all their parents to ask to download the Communicator.

End of May, 2020, Florida High School chose Rise School Communicator to communicate
with all their parents to replace paper newsletters which was pricey and would often go missing often.

In June, 2020 Irene Middle School, a school based in Centurion, Gauteng Province,
came onboard onto Rise School Communicator. We had training with the staff.
They liked the app and how it simplifies communication with parents.

The following Schools use a full package, Rise School Management, an all-in-one for schools:

+ De Kuilen Primary School in Kuis River, Cape Town, Western Cape

+ South Peninsula High School in Plumstead, Cape Town, Western Cape

+ Simonstown School in Simonstown, Western Cape

+ Firgrove Primary School in Sewendestraat, Western Cape

+ Tygerberg Art Centre in Parow, Cape Town, Western Cape

+ Dennegeur Primary School in Strandfontein, Western Cape.

+ Sunderland Primary School in Factreton, Western Cape.

+ Excelsior Primary School in Bellville, Western Cape

+ Koos Sadie Primary School in Goodwood, Western Cape

+ York Road Primary School in Lansdowne, Western Cape

+ Wespoort Primary School in Mitchells Plain, Western Cape

+ Windsor High School in Rondebosch East, Western Cape

+ Westcott Primary School, Diep River, Western Cape

How secure is your Bank Feed and which provider do you use?
The Bank Feed (it is included in RSM at no extra charge) enables Schools to see all transactions in RSM system. Rise SA makes use of a secure, reliable & trustworthy bank aggregation service - Yodlee.

Over 1100 and 23 million user worldwide make use of this service. For more information please visit Wikipedia.

We request Schools to provide a view-only login details that your School can request at your bank. Your Bursar / Admin Clerk / Principal can also enter these details themselves in RSM. The information gets encrypted. Hence it is secure and protected.

We work with four major banks of South Africa - FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank and ABSA.
I have no accounting background, can I still use Rise School Management?
Being user-friendly & intuitive in terms of its layout & interface, Rise School Management will work for both non-accountants & accountants.

Upon switching to RSM, your School will also get training in person with our Team in our system as part of the RSM onboarding process.

Once you start using RSM regularly, it is a sign that you understand the system and how it works.

To illustrate it further, most Bursars & Admin Staff, who use RSM daily in their work, do not come from the bookkeeping or accounting background.

We also run a 3-day Accounting Training Course that trains Bursars & Admin staff on the accounting fundamentals.
Can our School change from Rise School Communicator option to the full all-in-1 package?
Yes, 100%. In fact, it will be a bit easier for your School to make the necessary transition.

Due to the fact that Rise School Management is in 1 interface, you will already be familiar with RSM interface & the basic layout of our solution.
What documents will our School require for the onboarding ?
In order to onboard your School onto RSM, we will need the following documents from your School:

1. Learner data list (.xls or CSV) - we will provide you with the an Excel template.
2. Your 043-Form (Cash Book) template with your School's Budget
3. Opening balances for your learners - An excel sheet with names, surnames & amounts
4. School details - logo, email etc for your Invoices, Statements

Once you submit the above documents, we will upload all the data onto RSM. You will then also check in RSM that all the data is correct & accurate. We will also provide your School with the required training.

We have Weekly Meetings with our Schools to assist them with all the queries & touch base on the onboarding & ongoing use of system.
How long does the onboarding process take?

Our Team takes around 3 days for uploading each of the above-mentioned documents that are required for the RSM onboarding. The faster we get the required docs from you, the quicker will be the onboarding process.
The onboarding process should not take more than 1-3 months provided you have a Bursar or Admin officer who is in charge of switching to RSM and does all the required steps.
Why is RSM more affordable compared to other comprehensive school software solutions?
Rise SA is both a software developer and a system integrator. Building our solutions on the proprietary 1C:Enterprise platform with over 5 million users worldwide, we can custom develop 3x faster than currently available on the market.
Rise SA also tries to make our software as accessible & as affordable for schools as possible.
Your School will also save min R10K based on the feedback from our customers. The main rationale is that you will be able to have ALL your data on ONE system.
This is the main rationale behind switching to RSM is that you will have all your data in one place saving thousands on paper, many hours of time for your Bursar & Admin Staff.
How often do you back up your data for your customers?
Rise SA does a daily backup of Customers' data stored on Rise School Management servers. This ensures that your data is safe, secure and always accessible in a cloud from any device any time.
Can Rise SA Team do custom development for our School?
Yes, that is an additional advantage of using Rise School Management. If you need custom development done to your school's specific requirements, get in touch with us.
The onboarding process
Once you choose RSM as your school software,
our Team will assist your school with the onboarding process. We will work closely with Bursars & Admin Staff to ensure a smooth transition onto RSM.

Submit the required documents
Check your School's data in RSM
Get trained by our Team in RSM
You are all set to use RSM daily

Packages & Pricing

For more information phone 082 711 8518 or email info@risebiz.co.za
Rise School
R5600 per annum (R467/month)

Pay upfront & get 20% off
R4500 for 12 months
at R375/month
A School-Parent Communicator
Unlimited News with PDFs attached
Unlimited Resources with PDFs attached
Unlimited Events
Create Contacts
Create Channels
A Chat function

A training session is included
Support via phone, email is included

Save R15K on paper per annum
Save R10K on the SMS bundle
Communicate with all parents at a click

Easy to download and light on data
Available for iOS & Android
Free for parents
Download from Play Store or App Store
Be informed of all school's news on the go
R4500 annualy
Rise School

R8160 per annum (R680/month)

Pay upfront & get 20% off
R6800 for 12 months
Communicator + Learner data module + Bulk mailing + Discipline module + Absenteeism module
1. Rise School Communicator:
Create News & Incidents from the app
2. Learner Data module
3. Enrollment simplified
4. Bulk mailing
5. Discipline module
6. Absenteeism

1 full user + 1 view-only user
Assistance with your School's onboarding
A training session is included
Support via phone or email
R2000 per annum for an additional user

CEMIS Import tool
Emergency contact information
Deactivate learners
Filter by Class, Grade, Gender or Age
Access Learner Details, Address, Guardian details

Email parents at once per class, grade
See a report: open/read and bounced rates

Google spreadsheet integration
Parents fill in a Google Form
Imports parents' details into RSM
Save time on manual import

Create Incidents from mobile and desktop
Push notifications get sent automatically
Create a Detention Letter

R6800 annually
Rise School

R11560 per annum (R963/month)

Pay upfront & get 20% off
R9800 for 12 months
at R817/month
Accounting package + inbuilt
043-Form + Batch invoicing + Learner data module + Bulk mailing + Discipline module + Communicator
1. Accounting package for schools
2. Automated 043-Form report
3. Batch invoicing
4. Learner Data module
5. Discipline Module
6. Enrollment simplified
7. Bulk mailing
8. Absenteeism

1 full user + 1 view-only user
Assistance with onboarding
8 hours of training in the system
Ongoing user support via phone, email
R3600 for an additional full-user + 1 view
3 hours of extra training for an extra user

Automated 043-Form Report (Cashbook)
Live Bank Feed
Journal Entries
General Journal
Purchase Orders
Capture Cash Receipts
Budget Report: Planned vs. Actual
Chart of Accounts customized to your School

Invoice per Class or Grade
Invoice monthly, termly or annually

CEMIS import tool
Emergency contact information
Deactivate learners
Filter by Class, Grade, Gender or Age
Access Learner Details, Address, Guardian details

Supplier Invoices
Invoice Payments
Supplier Returns & more

Balance Sheet
General Ledger
Income Statement cash/accrual

Create News & Incidents from the app

Google spreadsheet integration
Parents fill in a Google Form
Imports parents' details into RSM
Save time on manual import

Create Incidents from mobile and desktop
Push notifications get sent automatically
Create a Detention Letter
What schools say
"When I heard about the Rise School Management system and the benefits that a school can derive from the use of it,
I was hooked. Being a wee bit "techno challenged", I did not even feel overwhelmed with my first online training session as Anna and Natassja were superb in guiding me through. My weekly training sessions have been quite informative as well. The fact that your 043-Form and Budget report are automatically populated is a huge bonus in itself. It's exciting that reports can be generated at the push of a button."

Debbie Timm
Finance Officer at South Peninsula High School, Plumstead
"After now using it for a year, I am still "in love" with this Rise School Management. The best is yet to come - as I am still learning new things everyday.

This enables me to be more efficient and becoming more and more confident.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
With best wishes".
Hanli Mostert
Bursar at Tygerberg Art Centre, Parow, Cape Town
"Our search for an accounting package started nearly 4 years ago.. Rise School Management is a cloud platform that has (in my opinion) revolutionized the way the schools will operate and interact with all stakeholders (internally and externally).
I love technology and creating efficiencies and effectiveness in our environments and the Rise system is the perfect platform.
IT is meant to improve our lives and this software will certainly do that, not only for the school but also stakeholders (especially parents)."
See the whole testimonial here.
Afzal Khan
Treasurer, SGB at Windsor High School, Rondebosch-East
"Since the Rise School Communicator has been utilised by our parents, I can gladly confirm that parents are happy about their
up-to-date Billing
as they are able to view balances and past invoices. This has a positive impact for both the parents and the school, as it eliminates unnecessary costs involved with parent's having to
enquire about their school fee account payments
and from a business perspective we are not unindated with requests of school fee statements.
That surely is mutually beneficial to all. And parents getting a push notification
with regards to important notices and updates is totally fantastic!"
Michelle Lekay
Finance Officer, De Kuilen Primary School, Kuis River
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Rise SA Team
We are based at TSIBA Business School in Woodstock.

Our address:
4 Treaty Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

To see how RSM, an all-in-one system, can assist your school,
email us at info@risebiz.co.za

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