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A School Forum with South Peninsula HS via Zoom at 10h00 on Oct 21

Another exciting School Forum is on the cards. We would like to extend an invitation to your Principal, Deputy Principal, HOD, Bursar to the upcoming School Forum.

Ms Leslie Isaacs, Bursar at South Peninsula High School, will 
cover the points below in the Rise School Management system. They have been using the Rise School Management system since last year which has saved them hours on end with the automated 043-Form, functions on the finances side and more.

"RSM is a one stop shop for us where we can do everything within a push of a button. 

With our school fees, being able to email a thousand statements 

within a space of half a day. Proof of payments start coming on the same day. 

With the app, when we create a receipt in Rise, parents get notified immediately. 

It definitely had a positive effect on our school fees collection rate." 

Leslie Isaacs, South Peninsula High School

Feel free to attend this forum with a useful training that can empower your schools. 

1. How to create an approved budget for 2022 at a click.

2. How to drill down to every transaction in the Budget Plan vs Actual.

3. How to access school fee payment history for any learner in one place.

4. How to access the school's financial position in real time for SGB and FinCom.

5. How to do a bank reconciliation at a click.

6. How to drill down to any expense or income account in the 043-Form report.

7. Onboarding onto RSM and the 043-form and budget training on Oct 28.

What:     School Forum via Zoom for Principal, Deputy Principal, HOD, Bursar

When:    10h00-11h00 on Thursday, Oct 21

Who:      Principals, Deputy Principal, HOD and Bursars  

Where:   Zoom (we will email you the link upon your confirmation)                           

Why:       Details in the agenda above.

Kindly sign up here via a Google Form to attend the upcoming School Forum
In reply, we will email you a confirmation and a Zoom link.
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