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[A NEW development]: empower your school with Advertising Banners

For the past 4 months, the Rise SA dev team has been working on developing the advertising banners functionality. 

As mentioned in November's Principal's update, empower your school 
with the advertising banners that will be made live from mid of Jan 
on the Rise Communicator app for a testing period of 6 months. 

Showcase your school's services or local community businesses or not-for-profit initiatives.

Increase parents' downloads of the app and parents' engagement 
on the app by offering to parents to showcase their businesses and services. 

NB: Your school can join the testing period – from Feb 01, 2022 for 6 month – for the banner advertising on the Rise Communicator app.

What:   Advertising on the RISE communicator app
When:  From Feb 01, 2022
Who:    Schools who use the RISE app Communicator
Why:     Empower your school with advertising on a revenue share basis
How:     2 banners will be displayed:
              The 1st banner will be about Rise
             The 2nd banner will be of your choice
        Advertise schools' initiatives or services to parents
        Advertise a local community business or not-for-profit initiative.

We will sign an agreement as to the advertising period, conditions, revenue share model and clicks. Advertisers will be assisted by the Rise team with creating their banners. A school will be paid out as per the agreement.

If you would like to increase parents' downloads of the app 
to save more paper and resources of your school, sign up here for a testing period via a Google Form.

The deadline for signing up is Jan 31, 2022.
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