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10 reasons why St John's RC PS went for the Rise system

St John's RC Primary has recently gone for the one-stop Rise School Management system, having seen the Rise School Management in action and in terms of its seamless and
done-for-schools integration.

The Accounting package for Schools with the Admin side, assisting schools with,
ridding of the duplication, manual capturing and input in several systems.

Schools can save R10-R15K on paper using the Rise Communicator,
emailing progress reports and the likes.
The App assists Teachers/ Admin Staff with posting News/Resources/Events/Incidents/
Attendance per channel/across the board and even inputting marks from the app.

Below are some highlights how RSM assists schools and 10 reasons
why St John's RC Primary School went with the Rise School Management system:

1. A direct integration with 4 SA major banks
2. RSM is the first system that has an in-built 043-Form
3. RSM is the first system that allows parents to see Billing directly on the Communicator app, thus reducing queries on the School's side.
4. An integration with the debt collector
5. Quality technical and general support.
6. Assistance on the accounting side.
7. One cloud system that can be accessed from any computer / laptop.
8. Teachers can access the Communicator app to create News per Channel, track Absenteeism, Incidents, input Marks.
9. Parents can see News/Resources/Events/Incidents

RSM includes the following modules:

1. Accounting package for schools
2. Automated 043-Form report
3. Rise Communicator
4. Billing on the Communicator
5. Batch invoicing
6. Learner Data module
7. Discipline Module
8. Enrollments
9. Bulk mailing
10. Absenteeism
11. Marks

To learn more on what Schools say about the system, feel free to visit feedback from schools.
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