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One-on-one chat (direct messaging) is now live in Rise Communicator

Parents are now able to privately send messages directly to the Schools staff in Rise School Communicator. This features has a lot of potential for Schools, as any questions or queries that parents have relating to the learner behavior, finances or general concerns can be communicated directly with the School.

Below you can see a detailed how-to guide for the new functionality of the Rise School Communicator - direct messaging. If you school is still not on board with the Rise School Communicator, just email us at info@risebiz.co.za, and we will send you a unique link & a password for your School.

1) Parents will need to follow the steps below:
It is important for parents to select the Schools Name and click done.

2) After the School's contact person has clicked on Done, the window below will pop up. parents must then select Chats, followed by Log In and then Register.

3) Parents will then need to complete the required fields and select register when done. A One Time Password will be sent to the email address.

4) The One Time Password is required for the purpose of the verification .

5) Parents will now be able to directly message the Schools Staff that has been registered as a contact person to send and receive messages.

Rise Communicator is part of the one-stop school management system, Rise School Management. See more details on why Schools choose Rise School Management

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